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October 7, 2008

My First BLOG! Gemstones on the Way!

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Hi everyone! Here’s my disclaimer… I have never blogged. Yes, it’s true.  I think I am one of the last people left who have not. However, now I am no longer a blog virgin!!

Off I go!

Since I am a member of the wonderful community of sellers and buyers, and since I am a GIA Gemology Student, my blogs will feature a new gemstone with a little bit 0′ info about it. And, then I can show off some of the wonderful items for sale on OLA!

Ebay is soooo. …. yesterday. is where you can find all the really cool, funky, unique, odd, collectible, rare, and FUN merchandise! And, as the sellers on OLA don’t have to pay final value fees, and listing fees, they can SELL FOR LESS! And another NEW plus! Ebay has decied that sellers can no longer accept anything but Paypal, which add MORE  sales fees. But on OLA, we sellers are able to run our businesses to best suit our customers needs… so, many sellers will take Google Checkout, Revolution MoneyExchange, Paypal, checks, and money orders!

It’s all about FREEDOM!! And, at, you’re free to choose from over 18 MILLION items!

One of the items I have for sale is a whoppin’ 7.5 ct. “Neptune’s Garden” Genuine Topaz!

Here is a 7.5 ct. Genuine Topaz "Neptune's Garden" I have for sale on OLA!

Here is a 7.5 ct. Genuine Topaz

And, a Sterling Silver God Bless America Charm!

And, a Sterling Silver God Bless America Charm!

Please check out my store at
I think you’ll find my stuff to be…

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