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October 28, 2008

Out of eBay’s Ashes Arises…OLA!

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 Yes – the rumors are true – eBay has finally done itself in.

..sad, but true!

..sad, but true!

 Slowly squeezing the life out of sellers, by raising fees, decreasing free services, taking away 2-way feedback for both buyers and sellers, and now requiring that sellers accept only Paypal as a form of payment. So, Joe Seller has a green widget to sell: He takes 4 photos – front, back and both sides – which cost him .45 cents. Then he decides to start his item at 5.00, with a Buy it Now of 10.00. That just cost him another .05 for BIN and .35 for basic listing fee. He is now up to .85 cents. And, his item sells for 5.00, so he has to pay a final value fee of .25 cents. And, now that Paypal is required, he has to pay a percentage of the final price PLUS a percentage of the shipping – which is included in the Paypal fees. So, lets say it’s another .50. And, since eBay is also telling him that he has to ship for a certain amount, even though it actually costs him an additional 1.00 for packing materials and delivery confirmation to make sure his Widget gets there in one piece, he is up to 2.60, not including the original price of the Widget!

All this, plus Joe Seller may have to then deal with a non-paying bidder, and may or may not get his fees back.  At a minimum of .35 per item, which may not even sell,  Joe is really gambling each month!

Fotunately, there’s a BETTER way to sell online!, also known as!! For only 8.00 a month, Joe Seller can list ALL he wants, and each listing included 4 FREE pics, FREE auto relist, NO final value fees, and No listing fees! Plus, at, sellers are free to accept whatever form of payment best suits their customers – checks, money orders, Google, RME, …even Paypal! And, both buyers and sellers are encouraged to leave truthful feedback, which can also be edited if a conflict is resolved! Wow! A fair playing field, a caring, helpful community of sellers and buyers, affordable listings, ability to link to other venues, ability to service customers as needed, and more! Thank you OLA  – online trading made FUN again!!

Here are a few of the millions of unique items you can find on OLA:

Kids Bible on Cassette! From Curiocache

Kid's Bible on Cassette! From Curiocache

Sealed Set of Star Trek movies! From Curiocache

Sealed Set of Star Trek movies! From Curiocache

Bernat Frenzy yarn! From callmemomo

Bernat Frenzy yarn! From callmemomo


Vintage Dragonfly Bracelet from: callmemomo


Huge Philadelphia Phillies Beach Towel from: yawningdawg

Old UPRR Letterheads! from lookingwst

Old UPRR Letterheads! from lookingwst

eBay tombstone photo courtesty of lookingwst!


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  1. Thanks for the nice price breakdown. eBay pricing, sad but true. This is too funny! Seller certainly is making his point. Hope it sells. 🙂

    Comment by grouchow — October 28, 2008 @ 1:11 pm |Reply

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