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December 27, 2008

An holiday!


I had so much fun this year watching my family open gifts that I purchased from sellers on OLA!
My brother was in awe with all the golf things I put together in a box for him, my sister-in-law loved her stained glass angels and Lenox Elephant, and nearly cried when she opened the specimen of actual Woolley Mammoth hair – (she collects elephants).
My husband and other brother were tickled to get beautiful throws – one with a Cheyenne Village (he has a western decor) my hubby’s with his favorite team (he’s from Alabama).
My daughter was absolutley stunned with the beautiful diamond necklaces I got for her, as well as the White Gryphon book, and warm fingerless gloves. Plus, she was so excited to get the computer pin – she says it looks like the old macs (she works at the Apple Store).
I also gave my husband a really cool dustpan made from a license plate for his garage, and a whole bunch of bird feeders!
My sister-in-law was the lucky recipient of the remote controlled farting bear (big hit!) and my other nephew and his wife were delighted with the beautiful oak plaque that was made just for them. I also gave my niece-in-law a “pregnant” mug (you can see it in the movie Baby Mama) which she LOVED! And I even got their unborn son some clothes, lovely crocheted blankets and a special custom made blanket with He-man!
I got my aunt and uncle an Aquasaurs kit (they had no pets – now they do!) and some fun puzzles.
Everybody got some wonderful handmade soap, and enjoyed the delicious fudge that we ate in tribute to my Dad (he LOVED fudge). I think my favorite moment was when I looked over at my Mom, and she was wearing her melted snowman on her head – she thought it was a hat! Priceless!!
Thank you OLA sellers – for offering such unique items, great prices, and superior service. We had a wonderful holiday because of YOU!!


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  1. Great story, Curio! I shopped on OLA for most of my holiday gifts this year, too!

    Comment by Fleapirates — December 28, 2008 @ 3:11 am |Reply

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