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April 20, 2009

Part 3 of most important Web pages


Articles copied from WebWholesaler magazine, a free publication for founding  members – one of the many perks!

Finally, the 3rd most important  page in your website is the:

Checkout page

Once an item has been added to a visitor’s cart, the only way they can get out of your store with that product is through the checkout..unless they decide to complete the sale by calling you on the phone.  The checkout process is a critical part. You have an interested visitor who has a product or products in their cart and that likely want to become a customer. The only thing keeping him/her from that now is your checkout.

The checkout process should definitely be monitored for abandonment rates using website analytics. In Google analytics, it’s recommended setting up a funnel and associated goal for this process alone, to keep track of it’s effectiveness. You want to know where in the process people may leave, so you can refine it to take advantage of future opportunities. The ulitmate goal of the checkout process is to get the visitor out the door with a successful sale. Keep in mind, though, that for multiple step checkouts, you may likely need to develop smaller incremental goals throughout the process to get to that final objective. Your abandonment points reported by your tracking funnel will tell you where and what these smaller goals should be.

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