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March 7, 2010

Wrapping up the Stimulus Extravaganza with SPLURGE WEEK!

The OLA Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza
continues Mar 7th to Mar 13th
enticing items you’ll want to splurge on!
Don’t miss out on these great deals!  


Automotive and OLA Motors
Business and Industrial
OLA Cares
Real Estate and Multiple Dwellings
Surveying and Scientific Equipment
Tools and Equipment
 and Everything Else, including Seller’s Specials!

To search the event, please visit
and enter W6 into the search box.

Here is just a small sample of the specials
 available from Week 6 participating vendors…
(just click on the title to visit the page)

Enjoy our sneak peek video!

Thanks for supporting our sellers!
Happy shopping!

March 3, 2010

I Switched! Glad I did, too!

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February 21, 2010

Week 4 of the Stimulus EXTRAVAGANZA continues…take a peek!

The OLA Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza
continues Feb 21st to Feb 27th
with special deals and great buys on Tech items!

What do you need?

Video Games? Camera? Movies?
A new mouse???   

Cameras and Photo
Communications Equipment
Computer and Networking
Consumer Electronics
DVD and Movies
Home Entertainment
Musical Instruments
and Video Games

To search the event, please visit
and enter W4 into the search box.

To entice you,
here are some titles from participating vendors…
(just click on the title to visit the page)

Thanks for supporting our sellers!
Enjoy shopping…

February 7, 2010

Week 2 Stimulus Extravaganza – The excitement continues!

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It’s Interiors Week
The OLA Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza
continues Feb 7th to Feb 13th
with special deals and great buys for your home

You’ll find an array of tantalizing merchandise
for sale and auction,
in the following categories:
Holiday and Seasonal
Home and Garden
Native American
Pottery and Glass
and Western

To search the event, please visit
and enter W2
into the Search Box.
To entice you,
here are some titles from participating vendors…
(just click on the title to visit the page)

From Aphrodite: De Capoli Dragon Figurine Statue W2
From Bedding4me: Tiki Hut Comforter Set by Havana Jacks Cafe Queen Size W2
From Fleapirates: Western Saddle Boots and Hat Figurine W2
From StubsInc: Homco 1985 Denim Days After Chores # 1504 MIB Tag Box W2
From Curiocache: 1987 Charlie the Tuna Phone W2
From Supergranny: Merry Christmas Embossed Post Card Circa 1907 Printed in Germany W2
From Gabbydanie: Brand New Wooden Padlocks – W2
From Kidatheart10: EAPG Flamingo Habitat Goblet Antique Glass circa 1870s W2
From LFWoodworking: Christmas Ornaments set of 4, hand scrolled solid oak W2
From Tjintx: Texas Bluebonnets Farm Mounted Photo Picture Framed W2
From Yawningdawg: Soaring Eagle Mountain Scenic Wall Plaque 3 in 1 W2
From Goldi: Princess House Copper and Crystal Carafe W2
From TheTikiShak: Cat Planter Metal Birdcage W2
From Annimae: W2 Mia Bella Simmer Pot Special Last Four
From Maggiemaybecrafty: Avon Ruby Red Cape Cod Cruet W2
From Davendeb1178: Vintage Amber Tall Electric Table lamp W2
From Sixftrs: NEW Natural Impressions Oval Tablecloth 60″ x 84″ W2
From DustyCorners: THE NAVAJO TREATY 1868 Navajo Centennial 1968 Barboncito scarce w2
From IceColdSales: Christmas Holiday Stocking Holder Green Ornament W2
From Robinsgoneshopn: Vintage Hobnob Milkglass Vase LAMP milk glass hobnob vase W2
From MetzyMom: Homemade Dragons Blood Scented Goats Milk Soap w2

Please click here to view our YouTube video for Week 2!

Browse often,
have fun,
buy lots of home decor,

and support OLA’s
outstanding sellers

in Week 2 of :

August 29, 2009 Knows Art!

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Have you visited the ART Category lately? This category has items starting at .25 cents as well as items that start for as much as $7,500.00!!! With 41 subcategories and more than 1300 listings, you’re sure to find something you can’t live without!

Some of the wonderful works of art you can find in the ART Category are:

Signed pieces of Jiang Tie-Feng
Work by Richard Montanro, Phyllis Shanks, and so many other gifted artists!
Lindena Orchid Litho Plates
Handcarved Quartz Crystal
Hand Blown Glass
Ivory Sculptures
There’s even a Bronze Statue!!!

With more than 1300 items to look at, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your gift giving list at a price you can afford!!! ART Shows and Museums have never been this easy to visit!!!

Take a trip through the OnlineAuction ART Category today!

August 3, 2009

Welcome Home Sale at a Huge Success!

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Here is a list of all the sellers prticipating in the Welcome Home Sale at Aug 2-9th 2009.  All classic auctions, all starting UNDER 10.00!! Over 5000 items listed!!!

1 davendeb1178

2 TheRoyalTreasures

3 fleapirates

4 Raggy Lady

5 Metzymom

6 Curiocache

7 Lookingforwhat

8 oddstoendless

9 DraggonTagger

10 kidatheart10

11 grammykay


13 jahjesters

14 maggiemaybecrafty

15 crochenlady

16 the*TiKi*ShAk*TiKi*ShAk

17 cshort0319

18 aphrodite

19 janeshope102289

20 Hidden_Treasures1

21 tjintx

22 fabulous12345

23 LFWoodWorking

24 the_trove2

25 seewhatimselling

26 aesthetics48

27 blbokram

28 jaswood2

29 yawningdawg

30 redheadedgoddess

31 k6559

32 rosesattic1

33 sophia02

34 sandkseller

35 magrizz

36 Icecoldsales

37 goldi

38 victorious_rival

39 ATouchOfClass

40 yesterdaycollectibles

41 Resellinggalore

42 robinsgoneshopn

43 1947girl

44 jenbana88

45 BargainsByIrene

46 ABigMixedBag

47 ilivetobuy2007

48 rmksfl

49 honeycreek

50 DebsVarietyShop

51 glasslass

52 MaysMeowsKittyRescue

53 brightgems4u

54 piasrotty

55 malco762

56 notner

57 thetreasureshelf

58 weemansmom

59 looking4agreatdeal

60 sunflowerranch

61 oldturtleheart

July 11, 2009 Knows…Antiques

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Have you visited the Antiques Catagory lately? This catagory has items starting at .25 cents as well as items that start for as much as $7,500.00!!! With 42 subcatagories and more than 1200 listings, you’re sure to find something you can’t live without!
Some of the wonderful antiques you can find in the Antiques Catagory are things like:
Signed Toby Weller Mug, Occupied Japan
1920’s LANG Chair
1930’s Marlene Dietrich Silver Gelatin Portrait
1800’s Mercer Art Deco Platter
Rogers Bros Silver (all kinds!!!)
1940’s Celedon Lamp
Signed Wedgewood Pieces
17th Century Brass Thimbles
1938 Zenith Tube Radio
There’s even a signed Ivory Budda!!!
Take a trip through the OnlineAuction Antiques Catagory today!

June 13, 2009

Last few hours for Mega-benefit Auction at!

Only a few hours left to get your bids in for this magnificent show of support! Dozens of items, one price, free shipping, helping others…how perfect is that??? Wink

May 10, 2009

Another reason to shop at! Paypal NOT required!

Yet another great reason to shop at – Paypal is NOT required , as it is at eBay! Sellers are free to accept whatever forms of payment suits their valuable customers. I, for one have closed my Paypal account. I have found that checks, money orders, cash, Google checkout and Revolution Money Exchange are much more affordable and serve my customers, and myself, better. Thank you!!

Please take a peek at my items in my store at

Posted today – Paypal users please read…

PayPal Makes Important Changes To Policies Effective June / July 2009 

There are several new PayPal policy updates that were announced today. 

(1) Effective June 3, 2009 you may not use PayPal service for activities that “involve the sales of products or services identified by government agencies to have a high likelihood of being fraudulent”. Not sure what that means? Neither am I and neither is the PayPal representative I spoke with today. PayPal informed me that they cannot answer any questions about policy updates unless they are submitted by email. So, if you want some details you will have to email PayPal. 

(2) Personal PayPal accounts, where all payments except those funded by credit card, are free for the receiver. However, beginning June 3, 2009, personal PayPal accounts will no longer going to be available for use by anyone who sales goods or services no matter the amount. If you sell a $1 item then you must convert your personal PayPal account to a commercial account and pay fees on all transactions no matter the funding source used. This is a major change and many very small or part-time online sellers won’t see this one coming. 

(3) Beginning July 1, 2009, PayPal Preferred Rewards (Cash Back) for debit card purchases will be paid out at the end of each calendar month rather than after each transaction. It looks like PayPal wants to hang on to your money just a little bit longer. 

(4) Pilot program that will change your default payment sources beginning June 8, 2009 (quoted from policy updates): 

Some PayPal users will receive an email from PayPal informing them that they have been selected to participate in a pilot program that will change their default payment sources for a 12 month period. If you are selected to participate in this pilot, your default payment sources will be changed as follows: 

1. Not “required” to use your Balance when sending a payment. Right now, if you have a Balance in your PayPal Account, you are required to either withdraw your Balance, or use it to fund your payment. If you are entered into this pilot, you will have the option of changing your payment source at the time you make a payment even if you have a Balance. 
2. Bank before Balance. Right now, if you have a Balance in… 

Read The Rest From: Brews News Quarter Ante specials 5/9/2009

This Weekly Event runs from Saturday, May 9, 2009 through Saturday, May 16, 2009!!! Please check out the Classic Auction Format Offerings by the list of sellers below. Each auction offering starts at .25 cents!!! Each auction offers exact shipping plus no more than $2.00 s/h if necessary!!! We invite everyone to look and bid!!! AND we certainly won’t be upset if you mention us in your blogs!!! 


Yellow Joe Boxer 2 Piece Summer Pajama Set 

New In Wooden Keepsake Box Goldtone Brass Compass 
Harvey Daco Flip Top Pocket Calculator Clock 

Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Pocket Watch Chain and Fob 
1883-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS 63 Carson City 

Silver and Shell Wrist Cuff 
AVON Mystery Box 

4 Salt Dip Dishes from Pampered Chef 
Vintage Pewter Creamer 

Anne Klein Goldtone Bracelet 
Vintage Boy Scouts Cub Camillus Pocket Knife 

Vintage GE AM/FM Radio with Headphones 
Antique Gallon Yellow Ware Shoulder Jug w/ Original Cork 

Brown Short Sleeve Low Cut Tunic with Sequins 
Black White Striped Tie Front Tunic 

NIKE Sport Armband for iPod Nano 
Franklin Mint Heirloom Plate Black Labs “Like Father Like Son” 


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