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February 15, 2010

Interesting little blurb

I got published! My letter to the editor at Reader’s Digest Feb 2010 edition.


September 15, 2009 It’s BACK Sale!

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It’s Back Sale

Our First OLA It’s Back Sale
September 15th – September 21st
Come shop with the finest sellers here on OLA.
Great deals & things that were gone but now are back!
Seasonal Items and much, much more!!!
This is a great time to get some of your holiday shopping done.

Our Seller’s

It’s back Fudge ~ Chocolates~at Raggy-Lady
With each purchase you will receive a FREE chocolate treat!


20% off entire purchase (does not include shipping)


I have marked down many pieces of costume jewelry starting at .25 classic auction.


10% off fabric, quilt books, quilt patterns, or fabric kits.

Buy ANY 3 items and get a 4th item of YOUR CHOICE for FREE!







Our special will be 25% off shipping on all NON STICKER, LABEL, OR CARD items.

New low price on promotional stickers, cards and labels, the more you buy the more you save on shipping. 1 sheet ships for the same price as 10 sheets only $1.92 for shipping.



I have reduced many item’s for the sale!


My special will be – “It’s back! Buy 2 or more jewelry items and get free shipping!”






I will offer a free gift with each purchase made till the IBS is over.


Mystery gift plus discount coupons with each It’s Back Sale purchase


Capt Donna

If you pay with RME you will receive a 3% Discount.


I’ve listed a bunch for this sale! Some are old ones brought back, some are brand new. Some are Christmas items never before seen. Free shipping on any jewelry purchased.


My special for this sale is 10 percent off of items over 10.00 and 20 percent off over 20.00


Buy any 2 items in my store get Free Shipping
during the IBS Only

PLUS….Mystery Gift with each purchase made during IBS

Let me know that you will pay with RME and receive a 20% discount on your entire invoice!







Boy’s Bed Room Plaques Sports Anthony’s Room Name Plaque IBS $15.00
Whitetail Buck Scene Solid Oak Hand Scroll Sawn Wall Art Plaque IBS $20.00
1967 Shelby GT350 Hand Scroll Sawn Solid Oak Wall Art Plaque IBS $20.00
1909 Packard Tie or Key hanger plaque IBS $15.00
Camper Key Holder Solid Oak Hand scroll Sawn IBS
Boy’s Bed Room Plaques Sports Anthony’s Room Name Plaque IBS $15.00


I have one for dogs and one for cats.

A Mystery Treat for Your Lil’ Punkin To Eat
A mystery of homemade surprises.
We start out with 4 and end with a score.
The more the bids rise, will raise the surprise
for your lil punkin to eat.



Halloween cards, Christmas ornaments and fabrics, gifts, angel jewelry, Tonner doll clothing, vintage beads,
and craft supplies.



storewide price reduction in many many different items



Royal Albert cookie jar (NIB), a Noritake fine china (discontinued “Homage” pattern) gravy boat, a little High School Musical tin in the shape of a mail box, a sherry decanter with glasses (vintage), pretty little ring boxes – for presents or to showcase rings for sale, a piggy bank – 1970s style, misc. other goodies








40+ Pieces and/or lots of Christmas/Holiday jewelry almost all starting at just .99 cents!



August 3, 2009

Welcome Home Sale at a Huge Success!

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Here is a list of all the sellers prticipating in the Welcome Home Sale at Aug 2-9th 2009.  All classic auctions, all starting UNDER 10.00!! Over 5000 items listed!!!

1 davendeb1178

2 TheRoyalTreasures

3 fleapirates

4 Raggy Lady

5 Metzymom

6 Curiocache

7 Lookingforwhat

8 oddstoendless

9 DraggonTagger

10 kidatheart10

11 grammykay


13 jahjesters

14 maggiemaybecrafty

15 crochenlady

16 the*TiKi*ShAk*TiKi*ShAk

17 cshort0319

18 aphrodite

19 janeshope102289

20 Hidden_Treasures1

21 tjintx

22 fabulous12345

23 LFWoodWorking

24 the_trove2

25 seewhatimselling

26 aesthetics48

27 blbokram

28 jaswood2

29 yawningdawg

30 redheadedgoddess

31 k6559

32 rosesattic1

33 sophia02

34 sandkseller

35 magrizz

36 Icecoldsales

37 goldi

38 victorious_rival

39 ATouchOfClass

40 yesterdaycollectibles

41 Resellinggalore

42 robinsgoneshopn

43 1947girl

44 jenbana88

45 BargainsByIrene

46 ABigMixedBag

47 ilivetobuy2007

48 rmksfl

49 honeycreek

50 DebsVarietyShop

51 glasslass

52 MaysMeowsKittyRescue

53 brightgems4u

54 piasrotty

55 malco762

56 notner

57 thetreasureshelf

58 weemansmom

59 looking4agreatdeal

60 sunflowerranch

61 oldturtleheart

June 13, 2009

Last few hours for Mega-benefit Auction at!

Only a few hours left to get your bids in for this magnificent show of support! Dozens of items, one price, free shipping, helping others…how perfect is that??? Wink

April 12, 2009

WebWholesaler tips part 2 courtesy of

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Home Page

Oftentimes (unless paid search or SEO efforts dictate otherwise) the home page of a website is where a bulk of your visitors will end up at some point, if not right from the start. The home page needs to effectively speak to your visitors in such a way that they desire to continue futher into the site. If they don’t move past your home page (often indicated by high website bounce rates), they aren’t getting to the product pages. If they aren’t getting to the product pages, they likely can’t add an item to their cart. If they don’t add an item to their cart, they won’t checkout;  it’s that simple.

The homepage should,  at the very least,  give visitors multiple options for accessing the products on your site and should have some room reserved for the latest promotion. If your website has a home page high bounce rate, you should first focus your efforts on that page, with the single objective of achieving deeper visitor penetration into the site  (i.e. increased page views, longer time on site, etc..) This is one example of what I meant when I referenced the  “crawl before you walk”  statement (previous blog).

To be continued….

In the meantime…please take a peek at my auctions at!


Crystal wedding tiaras! New Avon!! Oddities! Collectibles!! Decor!!! Apparel!!!






Quarter Ante auctions at!

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This Weekly Event runs from Saturday, April 11, 2009 through Saturday, April 18, 2009!!! Please check out the Classic Auction Format Offerings by the list of sellers below. Each auction offering starts at .25 cents!!! Each auction offers exact shipping plus no more than $2.00 s/h if necessary!!! We invite everyone to look and bid!!! AND we certainly won’t be upset if you mention us in your blogs!!!

2 Pair Boys Blue Jeans Size 18 28X29

Genuine Crystal Princess Cut Earrings
Citrine Color Rhinestone Ring

T.S. Bremen 1940’s Ocean Liner English Doll with Provenance

The Pill Book A Guide To Most Prescribed Drugs In The US

Black Beauty DVD Anna Sewell Classic
LOT of 8 Assorted Yarn Skeins and Balls

LOT of New Bo Bo Pony Tail Holders
Roman Inc Loving Thoughts Cherubim Haley

LOT of 6 Pairs Vintage Rhinestone Earrings
Strange Pottery Wall Plaque with Boar

22 pc LOT of Asst. Plastic Childrens Rings
LOT of Assorted Craft Embellishments

Brand New LODGE 8” Skillet
LOT of 4 DVD’s Music and Lyrics, My Life, Little Children, Bed of Roses

Combo Kraft Tan Mailers Size #000 & #00
Combo Poly Mailers 9 x 12 & 7.5 x 10.5

Lasting Treasures Porcelain Sister Collectible Plate
Creative Circle Stitchery Kit Plow Wheelbarrow

How To Catch Fairies Hardcover
Silverplated Fairy Bookmark

3 Footed Lidded Candy Dish with Gold Roses
Porcelain Vase with Pink Roses

2 Mug Shot Glasses From Federal Glass, Blue Bottoms
Metabots 3D Building Toy Puzzle “Trooper”




April 4, 2009

Successful business tips!

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11010_25939_tweb-logoThis is taken in part from a post at…but it is so very true for ANY business venture! I personally like to apply it for my interests in, Amway, and Avon:

Keys to Running Your Own Successful Business


“Not everyone is cut out to run their own business. Some people are natural “followers.” Others are leaders. In between, there are those now working for someone else who would much rather work for themselves.

Chances are, you are one of them … just waiting for the RIGHT TIME to do something for yourself. But that is the key! It is YOU who must have the ambition and attitude to MAKE IT HAPPEN! The success or failure of a new business is based 85% on attitude and only 15% on your abilities. DON’T start a new business with the attitude that you will TRY IT OUT to see if you can make money at it. With that attitude, you have already failed before you have even started. Come to a decision to do something and COMMIT YOURSELF TO MAKING IT WORK!Your products should be proven performers with unique characteristics not possessed by most others like them in the field. Ideally, you produce them yourself with a minimum dollar investment. Products that are used up time and time again and must be repurchased from you.


Your quality products should be in continuing demand, preferably all over the country. That’s the kind of market that helps assure you of a business you can easily launch, grow and prosper with … this year and for years to come.


It is important that you get the right kind of personalized training and counseling in any business. The kind of counseling you need before you begin and while you are operating your business…”

Please check out my auctions at



March 31, 2009

Wise words from Metzymom at!

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Here is a recent post from Metzymom, a successful seller at


Let’s begin with some basics!
What is the difference between RSS, SEM, and SEO? A non-tech explanation goes like this:
An RSS Feed, or Rich Site Summary Feed, lets you follow someone or something (and vice versa) where updated and continually changing content usually occur. You will probably receive notices and updates specific to that person or site. So let’s say you want to follow a certain seller. Signing up for their RSS Feed will get you notices of updated content from that seller. It works the same way on a site. RSS Feeds are a huge help, but they aren’t ‘all out there’ exposure.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, improves how search engines find you and your items. SEO is how activities are carried out to make your listings easily detectable by web search engines. SEO methods include the appropriate use of keywords and optimization techniques to increase web traffic. SEO is usually done ‘on-site’.
SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, involves the combination of activities aimed at marketing and advertising websites. This is mainly done ‘off-site’ and is really what we are dealing with in this guide in relation to your personal store.
While all three combined make for an optimum marketing strategy, we are going to deal with how to improve your SEM, which will in turn help with the SEO, which will in turn make your RSS worthy of attention by buyers who will want to be notified of your ever changing listings.
Please remember that I am not an expert in any way, shape, or form. I am a simple housewife trying to share what has been working for me. Nothing more, nothing less. The following ‘helps’ are intended for those who are already selling at an eCommerce venue.

By MetzyMom at

When I left eBay and started selling my wares at other sites, I was totally unprepared for doing anything myself. I didn’t understand an RSS from an SEO feed, or a Blog from a Discussion Site. And no wonder! Someone didn’t want me to know that I could do it for myself… that way they could charge me thousands of dollars a year to do it for me.
I finally landed at a site I felt comfortable at, I run my business my way for $8.00 a month. For that $8 a month, I do very well selling homemade soap. I had to learn to do my own advertising and promoting, and I’m not very tech savvy, but I’m a fast learner… and now I feel so empowered!!! In just one year of doing it myself, I’ve learned lots of lessons on what to do and what not to do, but more importantly, I’ve saved myself thousands of dollars in listing and final value fees… and I now do all my own advertising and promoting, so I really am running my own business my own way!
The thing about this guide is that it doesn’t matter where you sell. Even eBayers are now having to figure out their own advertising and promoting. It isn’t like the days of old where the site did it all for you. eBay used to have excellent exposure on Google, but they don’t have that any longer, which is why listing on eBay doesn’t guarantee you front page exposure on Google any more. Sure, if you have a unique item, or a very rare item, it will probably still make the front page of Google, but even then it’s a crap shoot. The only realistic way to get regular front page Google exposure is to pay for it… but this guide will help you get lots of exposure, including some front page Google exposure, for free. It’s free, but it takes a bit of work on your part. About 10 minutes a day.
I have spent my fair share of stumbling around in the dark looking for answers and have found that there are no ‘easy’ ones, but I did find ways to make it less time consuming in the end. My rule of promoting/advertising is that if it takes longer than 10 minutes to sign up, I’m not interested. Now don’t get me wrong, it takes about 10 minutes to sign up for each of these sites, but once done, I’m going to show you how to maintain your promoting and advertising in less than 10 minutes a day.
Each action below is through a website of some sort when you begin. Each will take about 10 minutes or so to sign up for, depending on how your typing skills are. The faster you type, the quicker the sign up process. I have average typing skills and each took me about 10 minutes to complete the initial process.

GETTING STARTED : This site provides free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, Free Internet Search Engines and Directories, including Yahoo, Google, ScrubTheWeb, and ExactSeek. Taking less than 10 minutes to sign up for, this site does the work for you with the information you give it. While many of the sites will accept your site ‘automatically’, just on the submission from FWS, don’t be surprised the next morning if you see ‘confirm your site’ in your email. This is where the ‘manual’ part comes in. All you need to do is click on the link given in those few emails to prove you’re a person with a real email address. Worried about spam? Well, I’ll be truthful, you might get a bit at first, but it doesn’t last more than a few days at most. At the bottom of each spam (regardless of how it came to be in your email) is a link to stop receiving it. I do that anyway… and so should you… lol.. Once you get submitted to the search engines via this site, the coolest ‘hints and helps’ newsletter comes a couple times a month. Take a look at them. They are full of great information and helpful hints for getting better exposure. For instance, did you know that search engines don’t like titles (of listings) with more than 70 characters? I found that out from one of the FWS newsletters. I went in and shortened my listing titles to 70 or less characters and guess what? I got better search engine exposure!!! It wasn’t that my listings weren’t good enough, it was something as simple as too many characters in my title!!! Another helpful hint they gave was that every word in your title and subtitle should be in your listing… every word. Now I copy and paste the exact title and subtitle into my listing. Guess What? I got even better exposure!!!
3. and/or : Start a blog. Sign up at one of the major blogging venues where a ‘point and click’ aka ‘click and drag’ format is used. MySpace and FaceBook are also awesome, but I don’t use MySpace or FaceBook, so I can’t tell you what they bring to the table. I can tell you that blogging isn’t as hard as you think, especially at BlogSpot and/or WordPress. It takes about 10 minutes to sign up. Type about anything you want, but be sure to add new content (a new post) at least once a week or so. Search engines don’t like old or neglected information, so it’s imperative that you update regularly. Don’t have anything to say? Copy and paste one of your listings in each day (takes about 30 seconds)!!! Whatever you decide to do, be sure include your store or site link in your posts! Here are a couple blogs to look at for an example of how little, how much, how different each blog can be:
My Personal blog:
My BlogSpot blog:
Team OLA blog:
PLUS you can comment and write articles on other peoples blogs, like the OLA Houses blog!!! James, who runs the OLA Team Blog, gives free lessons on how to blog, how to set up and maintain blogs, etc.

1. : Oodle simplifies the classifieds shopping experience. With Oodle, you can not only see over thirty million listings from over 80,000 sources, but you can be the first to see new listings, have access to powerful tools that help you spot great deals, and relax while Oodle does the work for you. If you are selling something, you can post once on Oodle and distribute your ad across hundreds of partner sites. Signing up at is free and easy. It takes less than 10 minutes. Once signed up, you can immediately start posting your listings. Simply copy and paste your listings into the spaces provided. Ads run 30 days without having to check on them. Once the 30 days is up, they will notify you via email and all you need to do to reactivate them is click on the link provided in your email. feeds into search engines in the USA, the UK, and Canada. Even if all you do is feed your listings, this is more than enough to get you some major exposure on major search engines like Google. Not bad results for about 20 seconds of copying and pasting! Do one or two listings a day, which will eat up about 40 seconds of your daily 10 minutes.


4. OTHER BLOG VENUES/DISCUSSION VENUES: There are a lot of places where you can discuss your business (which is the same as blogging… lol…). Sign up at any or all of the following venues, where they encourage you to discuss and promote eCommerce. These are sites I currently belong to and use daily, which makes up most of my morning 10 minute ritual:
A) (the newest and fastest growing venue right now). This site lets you ‘blog’ 140 characters to anyone and everyone who’ll pay attention… lol… Think of it as ‘internet texting’… Even if you just say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, tell a joke, etc. you’ll get exposure that is on the hottest site going right now. (about 30-45 seconds each morning)
B) This site is a newly formed discussion site that focuses more on eCommerce information and less on griping. Members from all the various alternative sites participate, so there is something for and from everyone. This site, while very new, is worth a look. Take advantage of everything they have to offer: advice, discussions, links (you can link your store on the site and in your ‘signature’, etc. (about 1-2 minutes each day)
C) This relatively new site is elegant without being prissy and is full of eCommerce members from all the various sites. Members all get along without bickering, backstabbing, drama, etc. It’s pretty amazing to see and be a part of! Not only do they have eCommerce information, but there are also forums, blogs, stores, an arcade, and more!!! With so much to offer, this site can become an addiction! (1-2 minutes each morning, although I do spend some time there throughout the day)
D) : This site is through and gives you the opportunity to list all the places you sell. Even if you only sell at one venue, you should still list here. is an eCommerce Staple Site (which means anyone who is anyone in eCommerce visits on a regular basis).
E) Don’t forget to sign up and use your site’s chat forums too! Here is OLA’s: Don’t forget that it’s important to participate periodically. The more you participate, the more your name gets out there… the more your links get out there… and that goes for all the above sites…
5. FREE ADVERTISING VENUES: There are lots of free advertising avenues to use. Most offer paid advertising as well, but they also have free advertising as long as you are willing to put their site banner somewhere in your chat signature, or listings, or other visible area of YOUR site. Here are the ones I use:
A) Top 100 OLA Houses:
B) Top 100 Home And Garden Sites:
C) Top 100 Extraordinary Sites:
D) Top 100 Alternative Site Venues:
Each of the above sites also offers paid advertising for a very reasonable cost. Each has advertising for every budget, and I have had excellent results by advertising on them periodically.
6. : Joining the Thursday night LIVE radio show is another way to help your exposure. The show starts at 6:00 pm PST and runs an hour. I don’t count this in my 10 minute routine.
7. GOOGLE: Google is probably the slowest way to go (as in how long it takes you to get things done), but none-the-less effective and worth the time if they don’t change the rules and regulations on you mid stream. Sign up for Google Checkout ( ). Once you are signed up for a merchant account, you will be able to list your items (not quite a ‘copy and paste’ deal, but not too hard to do once you get the hang of it) there as well. You can create a Google Discussion Group (I have one there, but it’s rarely used anymore… here is the link in case you’d like to check it out though: ), participate in other groups, sell your wares, etc. There are a lot of rules, and they change regularly, so be prepared to spend more than 10 minutes on it each time you visit… lol… but there is no denying the power of Google. That said, participating 100% in everything Google offers for free still won’t guarantee you front page without paying or working full time on advertising… feeding directly into Google will get you there once in awhile, but you’d get there anyway… lol…
8. Last, but not least… almost every site you ‘chat’ or ‘socialize’ on has an area where you can post a ‘signature’. A signature is something that shows up every time you post something. OLA’s Chat Forum is a perfect example. Every time I post, my signature, which has information I want EVERYONE to see, shows up. My signature tells what I sell, contains a link to my store, has banners to the things I want people to notice… like my personal website, RevolutionMoneyExchange, the Top 100 Houses, Web Submission, etc. My account at OnlineSellersUnited, SellersArena, POGO, etc. all have a place where I can advertise who I am, what I sell, my store links, etc. And every time I post something, those links get picked up by some search engine. Talk about easy advertising!!!




Okay. So you’ve signed up at the places above. You’ve created accounts at each venue mentioned. What do you do next? Here is what I so almost every morning (again, I sell at, so most of my routine is written to include OLA):
1. Check your personal email. Don’t count the time spend on personal email/correspondence. I just glance over my email for Sold notices from OLA, check out my OLA Daily Digest, and check to see if any of my ads have expired. (1 minute)
2. Jump on Twitter to post a Good Morning and include a link to your store or personal website. (30 seconds)
3. Head into OLA to check your Omail, find a listing that you want to put on oodle and/or a blog, copy it, and head to the Chat Forum to see what’s going on, answer any posts that pertain to you, etc. Paste your listing into a What’s For Sale thread. (2-3 minutes)
4. Head over to SellersArena. Check your messages, paste your listing into your blog, and visit the forum. Answer any posts pertaining to you, perhaps start a new one. (2 minutes)
5. Head over to check your blog at BlogSpot and paste your listing there, and check the Team OLA blog too. Post your listing or other info you may be adding… remember, always include a link to your store. (1-2 minutes)
6. Head over to OnlineSellersUnited, check out the word association thread, add your word, and head for your favorite chat or discussion site.
That all took just about 10 minutes. At first, it may take you longer, but as it becomes habit, it will only take a few minutes every morning.
You’re done with what ‘has’ to be done. Now you can visit the chats (if you want) in each of the forums and blogs, but your advertising is done for the day. Remember, posting to any forum gets you more exposure, not just for the search engines, but also for anyone who might see your posts… so take a few minutes and chat. Exchange ideas. Start a thread. Join a debate. Enjoy yourself AND others. Be Social!!!

Thank You For Your Time. I hope my little guide has helped you.
Maybe one day it will grow up to be an ebook…
Meanwhile, please visit me at

January 27, 2009

Here’s some cool stuff I bought lately on!

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I just keep finding great deals at!!!

Such as this cute mug for my pal, Laura…I think she’ll love it!

Cute mug from Stubsinc at!

Cute mug from Stubsinc at!


And then for me, I bought this AWESOME Phantom Quartz crystal from mimawcat!

Phantom quartz from mimawcat!

Phantom quartz from mimawcat!


And, from thegoldbuyer, these yummy tiny little gold nuggets!

Gold Nuggets from thegoldbuyer

Gold Nuggets from thegoldbuyer


Plus, I needed a new top, and found this one from PASTOVERS, and these ADORABLE little clip on critters from draggontagger!

Tunic from PASTOVERS!

Tunic from PASTOVERS!

Critters!!! From draggontagger!

Critters!!! From draggontagger!


And, I thought i’d better be practical, and got some Mighty Putty from Jahjesters!

Mighty Putty!!! from Jahjesters!

Mighty Putty!!! from Jahjesters!


And for my sweet tooth,…er…TEETH…I had to have the BESTEST Strawberry Cheesecake Salt Water Taffy in the WORLD! From Davendeb1178

Salt Water Taffy from Davendeb1178!

Salt Water Taffy from Davendeb1178!


…and there are so many more things I’ve found recently..such as long-haired Dachsund earrings from tjintx, and a BEAUTIFUL  jade necklace from theroyaltreasures, and a whole bunch of agates from wheeziek!

Stop by to find YOUR treasures!

And don’t forget to check out curiocache – that’s me!!


December 10, 2008

Ho Ho hOLA! Happy hOLAdays!

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It’s been an Christmas for me so far this year! Pictured are many of the items I’ve bought from the wonderful sellers at! I’ve been buying since August, and have collected so many unique gifts for my friends and family! Not everything is pictured, like the remote controlled farting bear from cvmso021, and the mouth-watering taffy from Davendeb, and Raggy-Lady’s unbelieveable fudge!  Some of these treasures are: a Lenox elephant from Draggontagger, Warm Cream soap from Metzymom,  Cheyenne village throw from Yawningdawg, a cute exercise block from Kassies-anything-and-everything,  The White Gryphon book from Dragonmum2, Golf supplies from Aesthetics, a magnificent handscrolled oak plaque from LFWoodworking, amazing stained glass angels from Kilnntime,  fun zebra puzzle from Sunflowerranch….and on and on!! I’m looking forward to everyone opening their presents and all the oooohs and ahhhs  – thanks to!!