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April 1, 2010

Sarah Palin – wolf butcher – on Discovery?? Please boycott!

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UPDATE: So far, over 160,000 people have voiced their concerns! Please add your name and let Discovery Communications know how you feel!


This is unbelieveable. You’d think they could find someone credible and respectable. I hate to boycott, but I will in a minute. Sorry Mike Rowe!

Discovery Communications has just announced that they’ll be producing a “reality TV” series starring Sarah Palin.

Yes — the same Sarah Palin who escalated Alaska’s war on wolves and offered a $150 bounty for the severed front-forelegs of dead wolves. The same Sarah Palin who fought against increased protections for America’s struggling polar bear populations. And the same Palin who fought against the increased protections for the dwindling Cook Inlet beluga whales.

I’m troubled that Discovery Communications — known for their stunning wildlife-focused productions — would choose to embrace such a controversial and anti-wildlife person as Sarah Palin to represent Alaska and the wildlife that lives there.

That’s why I’ve joined Defenders of Wildlife’s fight to get Discovery Communications to drop Sarah Palin’s new show, and I am hoping you will too.

Please sign the petition online at

Thanks for helping…