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March 7, 2010

Wrapping up the Stimulus Extravaganza with SPLURGE WEEK!

The OLA Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza
continues Mar 7th to Mar 13th
enticing items you’ll want to splurge on!
Don’t miss out on these great deals!  


Automotive and OLA Motors
Business and Industrial
OLA Cares
Real Estate and Multiple Dwellings
Surveying and Scientific Equipment
Tools and Equipment
 and Everything Else, including Seller’s Specials!

To search the event, please visit
and enter W6 into the search box.

Here is just a small sample of the specials
 available from Week 6 participating vendors…
(just click on the title to visit the page)

Enjoy our sneak peek video!

Thanks for supporting our sellers!
Happy shopping!

March 3, 2010

I Switched! Glad I did, too!

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March 1, 2010

Hobby Week! Stimulus Extravaganza Continues!

 Hobby Week!

The OLA Six Week Stimulus Extravaganza
continues Feb 28th to Mar 6th
with your favorite hobby items!

Don’t miss out on these great deals!  

Crafts and Hobbies
Dolls and Bears
Entertainment Memorabilia
Handmade Items
Movie and TV Memorabilia
Pets and Supplies
Toys and Hobbies

To search the event, please visit
and enter W5 into the search box.

Here is just a small sample of the fantastic products
 available from Week 5 participating sellers…
(just click on the title to visit the page)

From Annimae:
Bulk Glitter Bag Sky Blue Fine Card Making Scrapping W5
From Bedding4me:
Plush Blue Beary Bear 10 Inch Sitting W5
From Goldi:
From LFWoodworking:
Lucille Ball Portrait, Hand Scroll Sawn, Solid Oak W5
From Aphrodite:
Hand Made Lace and Flower Ladle Wall Decoration W5
From Fleapirates:
Green Birdy Buddy for Small Birds W5
From Tjintx:
Coca Cola Tray Vintage 8 x 19 inch Tin W5
From DustyCorners:
Gingerbread grandmother doll Handmade ooak granny grandma w5
From YawningDawg:
Handmade Red Black and White Necklace W5
From GabbyDanie:
From StubsInc:
1937 Piltz Aquatic Park Alcatraz San Francisco Postcard NM W5
From IceColdSales:
Avant Garde Retractable Leash W5
From MetzyMom:
Gardenia Scent Goats Milk Soap Homemade Soap W5
Please click here to view
our YouTube video for Week 5!
Thanks for supporting our sellers!
Enjoy shopping…

February 15, 2010

Interesting little blurb

I got published! My letter to the editor at Reader’s Digest Feb 2010 edition.

September 15, 2009 It’s BACK Sale!

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It’s Back Sale

Our First OLA It’s Back Sale
September 15th – September 21st
Come shop with the finest sellers here on OLA.
Great deals & things that were gone but now are back!
Seasonal Items and much, much more!!!
This is a great time to get some of your holiday shopping done.

Our Seller’s

It’s back Fudge ~ Chocolates~at Raggy-Lady
With each purchase you will receive a FREE chocolate treat!


20% off entire purchase (does not include shipping)


I have marked down many pieces of costume jewelry starting at .25 classic auction.


10% off fabric, quilt books, quilt patterns, or fabric kits.

Buy ANY 3 items and get a 4th item of YOUR CHOICE for FREE!







Our special will be 25% off shipping on all NON STICKER, LABEL, OR CARD items.

New low price on promotional stickers, cards and labels, the more you buy the more you save on shipping. 1 sheet ships for the same price as 10 sheets only $1.92 for shipping.



I have reduced many item’s for the sale!


My special will be – “It’s back! Buy 2 or more jewelry items and get free shipping!”






I will offer a free gift with each purchase made till the IBS is over.


Mystery gift plus discount coupons with each It’s Back Sale purchase


Capt Donna

If you pay with RME you will receive a 3% Discount.


I’ve listed a bunch for this sale! Some are old ones brought back, some are brand new. Some are Christmas items never before seen. Free shipping on any jewelry purchased.


My special for this sale is 10 percent off of items over 10.00 and 20 percent off over 20.00


Buy any 2 items in my store get Free Shipping
during the IBS Only

PLUS….Mystery Gift with each purchase made during IBS

Let me know that you will pay with RME and receive a 20% discount on your entire invoice!







Boy’s Bed Room Plaques Sports Anthony’s Room Name Plaque IBS $15.00
Whitetail Buck Scene Solid Oak Hand Scroll Sawn Wall Art Plaque IBS $20.00
1967 Shelby GT350 Hand Scroll Sawn Solid Oak Wall Art Plaque IBS $20.00
1909 Packard Tie or Key hanger plaque IBS $15.00
Camper Key Holder Solid Oak Hand scroll Sawn IBS
Boy’s Bed Room Plaques Sports Anthony’s Room Name Plaque IBS $15.00


I have one for dogs and one for cats.

A Mystery Treat for Your Lil’ Punkin To Eat
A mystery of homemade surprises.
We start out with 4 and end with a score.
The more the bids rise, will raise the surprise
for your lil punkin to eat.



Halloween cards, Christmas ornaments and fabrics, gifts, angel jewelry, Tonner doll clothing, vintage beads,
and craft supplies.



storewide price reduction in many many different items



Royal Albert cookie jar (NIB), a Noritake fine china (discontinued “Homage” pattern) gravy boat, a little High School Musical tin in the shape of a mail box, a sherry decanter with glasses (vintage), pretty little ring boxes – for presents or to showcase rings for sale, a piggy bank – 1970s style, misc. other goodies








40+ Pieces and/or lots of Christmas/Holiday jewelry almost all starting at just .99 cents!



August 29, 2009 Knows Art!

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Have you visited the ART Category lately? This category has items starting at .25 cents as well as items that start for as much as $7,500.00!!! With 41 subcategories and more than 1300 listings, you’re sure to find something you can’t live without!

Some of the wonderful works of art you can find in the ART Category are:

Signed pieces of Jiang Tie-Feng
Work by Richard Montanro, Phyllis Shanks, and so many other gifted artists!
Lindena Orchid Litho Plates
Handcarved Quartz Crystal
Hand Blown Glass
Ivory Sculptures
There’s even a Bronze Statue!!!

With more than 1300 items to look at, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your gift giving list at a price you can afford!!! ART Shows and Museums have never been this easy to visit!!!

Take a trip through the OnlineAuction ART Category today!

August 3, 2009

Welcome Home Sale at a Huge Success!

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Here is a list of all the sellers prticipating in the Welcome Home Sale at Aug 2-9th 2009.  All classic auctions, all starting UNDER 10.00!! Over 5000 items listed!!!

1 davendeb1178

2 TheRoyalTreasures

3 fleapirates

4 Raggy Lady

5 Metzymom

6 Curiocache

7 Lookingforwhat

8 oddstoendless

9 DraggonTagger

10 kidatheart10

11 grammykay


13 jahjesters

14 maggiemaybecrafty

15 crochenlady

16 the*TiKi*ShAk*TiKi*ShAk

17 cshort0319

18 aphrodite

19 janeshope102289

20 Hidden_Treasures1

21 tjintx

22 fabulous12345

23 LFWoodWorking

24 the_trove2

25 seewhatimselling

26 aesthetics48

27 blbokram

28 jaswood2

29 yawningdawg

30 redheadedgoddess

31 k6559

32 rosesattic1

33 sophia02

34 sandkseller

35 magrizz

36 Icecoldsales

37 goldi

38 victorious_rival

39 ATouchOfClass

40 yesterdaycollectibles

41 Resellinggalore

42 robinsgoneshopn

43 1947girl

44 jenbana88

45 BargainsByIrene

46 ABigMixedBag

47 ilivetobuy2007

48 rmksfl

49 honeycreek

50 DebsVarietyShop

51 glasslass

52 MaysMeowsKittyRescue

53 brightgems4u

54 piasrotty

55 malco762

56 notner

57 thetreasureshelf

58 weemansmom

59 looking4agreatdeal

60 sunflowerranch

61 oldturtleheart

June 14, 2009

What can you do at

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TONS of stuff! Of course there’s buying and selling via classic and fixed price auctions, and visiting in the friendly chat rooms, and browsing through hundreds of thousands of unique items…but there’s so much more!

Buyers and sellers can participate in a variety of games and events – many with valuable prizes! Lately there have been several benefit auctions to help community members though hard times, and also Customer Appreciation week! On Wednesdays is the fabulous Wednesday Wave, where sellers and buyers can hang out for a few hours, compete for prizes and buy and sell with each other. Very fun and relaxing game!

Just finished is a clever Bingo game with a Father’s Day theme  the monthly site-wide Scavenger Hunt, where players search through other players listings using posted clues – many of which are wickedly difficult! The winner receives 100.00 in free listing enhancements from!

We just had the 1st ever Listing BLITZ! Sellers have signed up to list as many classic auctions as they can in a 24 hour period…OLA has donated the prizes for this game as well. it was a huge success, with over 2000 unique items listed in 24 hours! There’s sign ups for a unique Summer Secret Santa, and don’t miss the WOW Weekend sale!!

If you’re shopping for a great deal or unusual item, this is the time to look!!!  The fun doesn’t stop here…you never know what someone will come up with! Spontaneous sales, freebies, mystery gifts…always something different going on at!! Come join the fun!

June 13, 2009

Last few hours for Mega-benefit Auction at!

Only a few hours left to get your bids in for this magnificent show of support! Dozens of items, one price, free shipping, helping others…how perfect is that??? Wink

April 12, 2009

Tips from WebWholesaler magazine and

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As  a thank you for being a “founding” member of,  a subscription to WebWholsaler magazine was given to those that do register as  founding members by  I  found this to be a very interesting, and valuable guide to the whole internet sales genre. Here is an excerpt from one article “3 Most Important Web Pages” by Eric Leuenberger:

“To be successful in ecommerce, you need to be proactive, not passive. Continually analyzing, to discover problem points and testing methods that better those points, is essential. You must continually monitor the customer experience your site delivers to your visitors and ensure all website layers are functioning together as a cohesive unit.

You cannot sit back and expect sales to come in, simply becasue you have a website listing products which target a specific market, even if you are getting loads of traffic to that site. If you are not going to be proactive about generating sales, you are not going to see results.

Quite frequently, I meet store owners who do not know where to focus improvement effors or what objectives to target first in an effort to increase conversion. Most say they want conversion increases, yet very few have any real plan of how to get there. They believe that making a few changes will correct all issues and sales will magically develop. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As the old saying goes “You must crawl before you walk and walk before you run”.  Expecting conversion increases without first targeting the most important areas, often ends up leadng to frustration.

For example, to focus on the checkout process, in an effort to increase sales when your website analytics shows that the majority of your visitors never even make it that far, will yield nothing. Why? Quite simply, if your visitors are not penetrating that deeply into your site, they can’t checkout anyhow. If they don’t interact with the checkout process, then making adjustments to it will not yield additional sales.

So, where should you focus your improvement efforts? To answer that question exactly for every store is difficult. Each business is different, and each situation needs to be analyzed in order to develop an action plan for improvement based on the unique circumstances and objective desired. You should let your website analytics dictate where to begin.

Although the answer to that question is not straightforward, there are at least 3 places you can begin focusing your attention on for seeking website improvement. Despite the fact that each ecommerce site is unique, the pages that visitors encounter on any ecommerce site, and which influence them to purchase, remain fairly consistant. If you are wondering where to focus your improvement efforts, try starting with these pages and sections:



….to be continued!!!