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December 1, 2011

Copy and share…for the horses. Please send to all who have blogs.

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What’s next..Catserroles? Pug-in-a-Blanket? Cockatiel Au Vin? Leg of Lab? You know this will cause horses…PETS – not a FOOD source –  to be stolen. Dogs and cats already are, for medical research. Please pass this, and any other horse slaughter links, on. Happy Blogging!

April 9, 2010

How about we use alternative fuel methods now? 21st CENTURY!

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March 31, 2010
Contact(s)Cat Lazaroff, 202-772-3270

Offshore drilling plan threatens coastal communities, ocean wildlife

Expansion of drilling could permanently alter much of America’s coastline and threaten economy of coastal communities

• The Obama Administration’s broad offshore drilling plan, released today, threatens coastal waters along the mid- and south-Atlantic coastline from Delaware to Florida
• The Obama plan sets aside – apparently permanently – the world-class sockeye salmon fishery of Alaska’s lush Bristol Bay, and protects the California coast until 2017
• The plan reverses a 2006 bipartisan compromise agreement that promised to protect Florida’s Gulf Coast and Panhandle until 2022
• Drilling in the Arctic Ocean will continue in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, fragile areas where no oil spill cleanup technology has yet been invented

WASHINGTON – The following is a statement by Defenders of Wildlife President and CEO Rodger Schlickeisen:

“While we are pleased that the Obama administration has decided to permanently protect Alaska’s salmon-rich Bristol Bay and continue protection of the California coast until 2017, we’re extremely concerned about the administration’s planned expansion of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, south Atlantic, and mid-Atlantic coasts.  The administration’s planned expansion of oil drilling risks the health of marine wildlife, fisheries, and coastal economies.  It continues and expands our dependence on fossil fuels at a time when we need to reduce our dependence in order to address the harmful impacts of global warming.

“If this drilling plan is fully implemented as President Obama outlined it today, it could spell disaster for much of America’s coastline, and the tourism on which many coastal communities depend economically. If oil drilling is allowed to proceed off our mid-Atlantic coast, for example, major fisheries and wildlife areas including the Chesapeake Bay and North Carolina’s Outer Banks will be subject to disruptive seismic testing and potentially catastrophic oil spills. Oil exploration and drilling will pose a particular risk to the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale, which migrates along our entire Atlantic coast. Defenders of Wildlife and other organizations have recently petitioned to expand critical habitat protection for the North Atlantic right whale to include areas being considered for drilling off the south and mid-Atlantic coast. Any drilling in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas could prove disastrous for those fragile Arctic ecosystems and imperiled species such as polar bears.

“We’re particularly disappointed that President Obama’s plan reverses the bipartisan compromise reached by Congress in 2006 to safeguard Florida’s Gulf Coast and Panhandle through 2022. As Senators, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar all voted in support of that compromise, which now stands to be reversed. What kind of message does that send to citizens of California, for example, who today were promised a reprieve from drilling until at least 2017?

“Increasing fossil fuel drilling will also increase the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global climate change. Today’s announcement threatens the health of our near-shore waters, an environment at particular risk from global warming. Now, more than ever, it is urgent that Congress pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation that tackles carbon emissions and addresses the climate impacts already being seen today.”


Learn more about the environmental impacts of offshore oil drilling on marine wildlife and habitat

Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.  With more than 1 million members and activists, Defenders of Wildlife is a leading advocate for innovative solutions to safeguard our wildlife heritage for generations to come.  For more information, visit

April 1, 2010

Sarah Palin – wolf butcher – on Discovery?? Please boycott!

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UPDATE: So far, over 160,000 people have voiced their concerns! Please add your name and let Discovery Communications know how you feel!


This is unbelieveable. You’d think they could find someone credible and respectable. I hate to boycott, but I will in a minute. Sorry Mike Rowe!

Discovery Communications has just announced that they’ll be producing a “reality TV” series starring Sarah Palin.

Yes — the same Sarah Palin who escalated Alaska’s war on wolves and offered a $150 bounty for the severed front-forelegs of dead wolves. The same Sarah Palin who fought against increased protections for America’s struggling polar bear populations. And the same Palin who fought against the increased protections for the dwindling Cook Inlet beluga whales.

I’m troubled that Discovery Communications — known for their stunning wildlife-focused productions — would choose to embrace such a controversial and anti-wildlife person as Sarah Palin to represent Alaska and the wildlife that lives there.

That’s why I’ve joined Defenders of Wildlife’s fight to get Discovery Communications to drop Sarah Palin’s new show, and I am hoping you will too.

Please sign the petition online at

Thanks for helping…

March 20, 2010

Inhumane animal cruelty in Denmark WARNING: very graphic

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This was forwarded to me. I’m sickened. Truly sickened. Hunting for “sport” is bad enough, this is 10 times worse. Are these truly humans? Is this really Denmark?? Savages…simply savages. And incredible cowards.  Missy
“I checked this out on Snopes and it is deemed probably true. And they also said that as of last year, the meat & blubber in the whales are so full of toxins now, they are not safe to eat.
So, follow your conscience and continue to forward this message if you feel led.”

“Denmark is a big shame.
The sea is stained in red and it’s not because of the climate effects of nature.
It’s because of the cruelty, and slaughter of hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins.
This happens every year in Feroe Iland in Denmark . In this slaughter the main participants are young teens.
A celebration, to show that they are adults and mature!
In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator”
Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, is near extinction and they get near men to play and interact. In a way of PURE friendship

They don’t die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hooks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim cry like that of a new born child.
But he suffers and there’s no compassion while this magnificent creature slowly dies in its own blood
Its enough!
We will send this mail until this email arrives in any association defending the animals, we won’t only read. That would make us accomplices, viewers.
Take care of the world, it is your home!
Please keep list going around the world….hit forward and add your name to the bottom of the list before you send it on!
Assine contra essa crueldade:
Sign Against this cruelty:”

1.- Ana kARINA Rivas (m) Mexico DF
2.- Carlos Enrique Bulle-Goyri. DF
3.- Alejandra Nabarro ( Mexico Cuernavaca )
4.- Esteban criz mejia. Mexico DF
6.-González Alvarez Victor Rodrigo
7.-Ines Garcia Perez (México)
8.-Stella Morales (México)
9.-lgarcia (México)
10.-Leticia Cuéllar (México)
11.-Salma Urbina Aguilar (Quintana Roo, México)
12.-DIANA LUCELLY POOT PUC (quintana roo, mexico )
13.-Josue Acero Gonzalez ( Quintana Roo , Mexico )
14.-Micaela Medina ( Argentina )
15.-sofia bidondo( Argentina )
16.- Ma. Marta Soruco ( Argentina )
17.- Cyntia Mariela Roitman ( Argentina )
18.-Aldana Martínez ( Argentina )
19.- Adriana Salomon ( Argentina )
20.-fernando valussi( argentina )
22.- Leyes Alberto Fabian ( Argentina ).-
23.- Augusto Patricio Mateos ( Argentina – Chaco )
24.- Maria Alejandra Bury ( Argentina – Chaco )
25.- Claudio Alexis Agnesio ( Argentina – Chaco )
26.- Cesar Abel Falcon(Argentina-Chaco)
31- NATHIA JUDKEVICH ( Argentina )
32-MARINA JUDKEVICH ( Argentina )
34- Bogado Espinoza, Lorena Abi ( Argentina )
35- Ortiz, Natalia Muriel ( Argentina )
36- Marcelo Rodrigues de Rezende (Sorocaba-Brasil)
37- Thais Chenchi Santana (Sorocaba-Brasil)
38- Lilian Yoshie Kato ( Sorocaba – Brasil)
39 – DIOGO CRISTO ( Sorocaba – Pindorama – Gaya )
40 – DANILO GOMES ( Sorocaba – Cidade de Mentiras)
41- Tiago Holtz Guerreiro (Sorocaba- Brasil)
42 – Laura Nunes Garcia Vieira ( Sorocaba – Brasil)
43 – Anderson Schmitt Junkes (Jandira – Brasil)
44 – Eronides Santos Filho (Jandira – Brasil)
45 – Suzana Lopes Ribeiro ( Jandira – Brasil )
46 – Paulo Henrique Ferreira (Cotia/SP Brasil)
47 – André Luiz da Fonseca Roberto ( Carapicuiba/ Brasil )
48 – Jean Paulo Camargo Costa (CARAPICUIBA/ BRASIL)
49 – Rodrigo de Jesus Ferreira (Jandira – Brasil)
50- Bárbara Tabain Seslija de Sá (Jandira – SP – Brasil)
51 – Ana paula Morina Ferreira (Barueri – SP – Brasil)
52-Bárbara Louise (São Paulo-SP-Brasil)
53-Diego Lima (Carapicuíba-SP-Brasil)
54 – Wanda leila de Oliveira marra ( Osasco – SP –Brasil )
55 – Joilva Duarte (Osasco-Brasil)
56 – Patricia M. Dias ( São Paulo – Brasil)
57- Eduardo M. Dias ( São Paulo – Brasil)
58 – Wagner R. Franco (São Paulo – Brasil)
59- Ruth Cristina Serafim (São Paulo – Brasil)
60- Thiago Silva (São Paulo – Brasil)
61 – Cristiano S. de Moraes (Rio de Janeiro – Brasil)
62 – Kelly Lopes Dias (São Paulo – Brasil)
63 – Fábio Ferreira / São Paulo – Brasil
64- Fábio Araujo / São paulo – Brasil
65- Marcia Stevaux/ São Paulo – Brasil
66 – Débora Gisele Ferraz – Brasil
67- Andrea Alexandre de Carvalho
68 – Adilson dos Santos Pinto (Cruzeiro SP)
69 – Francisco ReZende (Lorena-SP)
70- Mislane Souza Prates( São Paulo-Brasil)
71 – Janderson Dutra (Rio de Janeiro-RJ – Brasil)
74- Maria L Lima – (Rolândia – Brasil)
75 – Marilise G.Z. Solle (Rolândia-Brasil)
76- Luis Fernando Silva de Almeida (Rolândia Pr- Brasil)
77- Adriana Amaral de Souza (Rolândia Pr – Brasil)
78 – Carlos Alberto Ferreira do Amaral (Rolãndia PR – Brasil)
79 – Lilian Carla de Souza Gonzalez ( Londrina – Pr. – Brasil)
80 – Ailton Valdivino da Silva – (Uberlândia – MG – Brasil)
81 – Heliza Piosiadlo (Uberlândia – MG – Brasil
82 – Patrícia Cordeiro ( Joaçaba-SC-Brasil)
83 – Danielle Argenton (Herval D’ Oeste – SC – Brasil)
84 – Valdirene Soares ( Joaçaba – SC – BRASIL )
85 – Luiz Sérgio Belló – Joaçaba SC Brasil
86- Eduardo Wieser -SC- Brasil
87- Julio Pancera ( Navegantes , SC – Brasil)
88- Fredi Goede ( Pomerode , SC Brasil)
89 – Mario L.Fanton
90 – Valério Littig ( Curitiba – Brasil )
100-cassia cavalheiro
101 – Paulo Terumitsu Ishii [ Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil]
102- Caroline Niro ( Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil
103-Alexandre Batista(Londres-Inlaterra)
104-udson bergues de almeida
105 – Inês Calazans, Alemanha
106 – Anabela Martins – Portugal
107 – Luisa Sequeira – Silves / PORTUGAL
108 – Alzira Rodrigues – Silves / Portugal
109 – Cremilde Ribeiro – A. de Pêra / Portugal
110 – Augusto Miguens – Elvas / Portugal
111 – Natália miguens – Elvas / Portugal
112 – Manuela Santos – Carcavelos / Portugal
113 – Carla Santos – Oeiras / Portugal
114 – Maria Carlos Barreto de Carvalho – Carcavelos / Portugal
115 – Eliete Mendes – Lisboa / Portugal
116 – Conceição Oliveira – Lisboa / Portugal
117 – Mariana Domingues – Portugal
118 – Joana Murtinha – Portugal
119 – Filipa Almeida – Portugal
120 – Iolanda Fontes – South Africa
121 – Kalen Viljoen – South Africa
122 – Wendy Golding – South Africa
123 – Inge Strugnell – Botswana
124 – Philippa Lee – Botswana
125 – Ilse Swart
126 – Miche de beer
127 – Celeste Smit
128 – Jeneane Fourie
129. Stefnie de Beer (SA) Human beings ? How can we call ourselves that !
130 Corné van Staden
131 Anna-Marié van Staden
132. Sheralee Scott ( South Africa )
133 Bev Hindmarch ( South Africa )
134. Ian Pardy (SA)
135. Dominic Porter (SA)
136. Carl Bennett (SA) Sick Bastards!!
137 Dieter Rossler South Africa uncivilised idiots
138. Vigie Naidoo, Johannesburg South Africa (how far western man??)
139. Rodney Reddy S.A. — lily-livered, sure they’l never dare try this with some tiger or bull sharks
140. Mira Naidoo, Johannesburg South Africa (shameful specimens called humans)
141. Rocco Steffannelli, Bari Italy (senseless killing)
142. Christian Hoffer, Mank Austria (Neanderthals!)?
143. Sarah Caine (SA)
144. Lorraine Caine (SA)
145. Elaine Caine (Sa)
146. Lorraine Isaac (SA)
147. Ronnie Isaac(SA)
148. Angelique Mason(SA)
149. Alysha Isaac (SA)
150. Mary Joe Emde (SA)
151. Nalisha Gangadien SA)
152. Charlene Gangadien (SA)
153. Cordelia Soobramoney
154. Nicholas Soobramoney
155. Gabriela Pillay
156. Sarah Pillay
157. Jaeden Chetty
158. Sam Chetty
159. Dean Prinsloo
160. Nicole Pillay
161. Janine Geldenhys
162. Noeleen Pillay
163. Vigie Naidoo, Johannesburg South Africa (Nordic barbarism!! – Climate Change?- go figure?)
164.. Colette Boyd
165. Tanya Scheffel
166. Rob Armstrong
167. Megan Adriaanzen – Jhb S.A. This is the most appallingly, disgusting thing I have ever seen!!!
168. Gareth Adriaanzen
169. Aldorette Swanepoel
170. Steve Maree – Durban , South Africa
171. Karen Robjant – and they are supposed to come from a civilised country – very sick people
172 Gerhard Janse van Rensburg – Durban South Africa
173 Keagen Janse van Rensburg – Durban South Africa
174 Trent Janse van Rensburg – Durban South Africa
175 Graham Robjant – Durban South Africa
176 Tamaryn Robjant – Durban South Africa
177 Beryl Robjant – Durban South Africa
178 Joan Austin – Durban South Africa
179 Simone Heijmans-Durban South Africa
197 Janice Wittrup SA
198 Tempest Hindman (Aus)
199 Gary Hindman (Aus)
200 Eben van der Watt (UK)
201 Jeandre van der Watt (UK)
202 Armand van der Watt (UK)
203 Jetro Smith ( UK )
204 Morne du Preez ( UK )
205 Joey Wasiliew ( USA )
206 Willie Olivier, Cape Town (uncivilized barbarians)
207 Andre’ Groenewald, Durban (SA)

208 Chris Goldmann Carvoeiro, Portugal
209 Gary Fonternel – Australia
210 Simon Lewis – Australia
211 Scott Wetherall – New Zealand
212 Jeremy Cusiel – Perth
213 Victoria Verity – Perth
214 Karen Stockin – New Zealand
215 Monika Merriman- NZ
216..Linda Jennings Sydney , Australia
217. Margaret Burgess , New South Wales , Australia
218 Merrill Duffy Australia
219. Margaret Ward – Australia
220 Sandy Jones, NSW Aust
221 Jacqui Bright N.S.W. AUST.
222 Penelope Chambers, Qld , Australia
223 Kim Grant, Sydney , Australia
224 Pua Soliola, Sydney , Australia
225 R’Chee Saipele, Auckland , New Zealand
226 Kim Watts, Auckland , NZ
227 Jenny Korff
228 John Baker, Auckland , New Zealand
229 Paul Baker Auckland New Zealand
230 Jocelyn Dutton Auckland New Zealand
231 Michael Dutton Auckland New Zealand
232 Susan Mann Auckland New Zealand
232 Brian Mann Auckland New Zealand
233 Philip Harris Auckland
234 Eden Moss, Auckland , New Zealand
235 John Moss Auckland New Zealand
236 Pat Moss Auckland New Zealand
237 Mel Orange, Wellington , New Zealand
238 John HOLLAND , South Australia
239 Pauline Macdonald South Australia
240 Helen M south Australia
241 Deidre Coulthard Sth Australia (gee some humans can be sick-bastards alright… wonder what planet they come from??…..WE ARE DOOMED!!)
242. Veronica Coulthard , South Australia (sick alright, poor dolphins)
243. Rachel Salmon , South Australia , Australia (how can anyone be called a human to do such senseless acts to such beautiful creatures!!)
244. David Salmon , South Australia , Australia
245. Deb Frank , South Australia , Australia …….absolutely disgraceful!
246. Kathrine Kosmina , South Australia , Australia …words fail me!!!
247. Leanne Mudge , South Australia , Australia
248. Sandra Martin
249. Linda Raison , South Australia , Australia
250 Peter Dorsett, South Australia
251. Helli Meinecke , South Australia
252. Clair Marslen , South Australia
253. Frank Aarts , Australia
254. Deanna Dorward , Australia
255. Thea Aarts , Australia
256. Margie Aarts , Australia
257 Maree Bath , QUeensland , Australia ..
258 Jennifer Walker , Queensland , Australia
259 Jan Deacon, Queensland , Australia – so very very sad!
260 Judy Dixon , Queensland , Australia – unbelievable
261 Susan Jenkin, currently NT, Australia .
262 Del Aulich, Melbourne , Australia- This is unacceptable- must be stopped!w
263 Judith Shapland Melbourne Aust: Who the hell are these so called human beings I am outrages that this should be happening as a global community we need to ban together to stop it!!!!!!!!
264 Deborah Chubb
265 Ray Robinson, Melbourne , Australia . This will not stop until our tears of outrage mingle with the blood of these beautiful creatures.
266 Christina Higgs Melbourne Australia. Unbelievable and so horrible, this has to stop.
267 Diane Beck, Mansfield Australia
268 Christine Davis Redcar England
269 Maureen Tosh, Redcar, England
270 Sandra O’Shea, Nunthorpe England.
271 Moyra Gibb, Kirkcaldy, Scotland
272 Alan Gibb, Kirkcaldy, Scotland
273 Margaret Smith, Kirkcaldy, Scotland
274 Ian Smith, Kirkcaldy, Scotland
275 Anne Ward,Edinburgh, Scotland
276 G V Ward, Edinburgh, Scotland
277 D Johnstone, Sanquhar, Scotland
288 Janet Brown Edinburgh, Scotland
289 morag mccall ,scotland
290 Laura cowan Aberdeen Scotland
291 Marx Murdoch Aberdeen Scotland
292 vicki keraghan invergordon scotland
293 Mieke Horsburgh, Invergordon, Scotland
294 David Horsburgh, Invergordon Scotland
295 Moira Adam, Blackisle, Scotland.
296 Claire Russell, Daviot, Inverness, Scotland
297 Heather Sutherland-Fraser – Black Isle, Scotland
298 Alison McMillan – Inverness, Scotland
299 Gillian MacAskill, Nairn, Scotland
300 Lesley Moore, Nairn, Scotland
301 Davy Orr, Inverness, Scotland
302 Eleanor James, Johnstone Scotland – Once again males (not men) prove how cruel and idiotic they are. I’m ashamed to be human.
303 Dot Spragg. England
304 Barry Spragg. England
305 Sally Moorey, England
306 Paul Wallace, England
307 Trudi OConnor, England
308 Julie McMullen, England
309 Helen Craggs, England
310 Lisa Barmby, England
311 Steve Allison. England
312 Trish Gee
313 Jason Trentini
314 Marc Squires
315 Nick Kirk (England)
316 Jayne Kirk UK
317 Gary AustinUK
318 Mo Chatfield E Sussex England
319 Clive Paterson New Zealand ( I know, lets kill all the danes instead!!!!!)
320 Declan Paterson New Zealand
321 Cliff Walsom UK
322 Rick Walsom
323 Sarah Chapman, East Sussex, UK
324 Caroline Bowman, UK
325 Steve Bowman, UK
326 Barry Adams
327 Leslie Adams UK
328 Mandy Barry UK
329 Laura Parker
330 Yvonne Philip – Spain
331 Norman Howell – Spain
332 Bonnie Hughes – Spain
333 Janet Martin – Mallorca
334 Julie Dickson – Scotland
334 Lorna Howie – Scotland
335 Fiona Muirhead Glasgow, Scotland
336 John Adam – Scotland
337 Tony Harris- England
338 Lisa Harris
339 Sam Morley-Smith – England
340 John (disgusted) Hynes England
342 Carl Buckley England (What on earth makes peolpe be so cruel!) STOP THIS NOW YOU SICK C@NTS!!
343 Louise Ward – England
344 Tina Lumley, UK
345 Lucy Burnett UK
346 Robert Burnett, Cornwall, UK
347 Barbara Burnett, Cornwall, UK
348 Dave Boutwood Cornwall UK
349 Pat Matthews, France
350 Jean Leonard, France 351 John Willams ( Aylesbury U.K.)
351 pamela cleeter aylesbury
352 jasmin cleeter aylesbury
353 Chris W-B, Aylesbury
354 Nicky Ward, Aylesbury
355 Mike Ward
366 Warwick Prior UK
367 John Goodwin UK
368 Christina HarrisUK
369 Caroline Young UK
370 june brown
371 john brown
372 Michelle Brown Guildford UK
373 Angel White – UK
374. Fran Standen – UK
375. Sarah Cawood UK.
376. Deborah Cable UK
377. Karen Cable Singapore
378. Vivyan Sheridan-McCall, Aberdeen, Scotland –Barbaric morons – Government should ban all imports from Denmark until this stops.
379 Rolf Main – Aberdeen, scotland
380 Heather Oneill-Aberdeenshire-Scotland. This is so sad,please please stop this now.
382 Michael Hyde Romford Essex UK
383 Dawn HydeRomford
384 Lee Hyde Romford Essex UK
385 Tony Roberts Essex ENGLAND
386 Barbara Laidlaw UK
387 Karen Nedim Cypru
388 Rolf Main
389 Yard Team Leader
390 Weatherford intl (UK) Ltd
391 Phase II
392 Kirkton Drive
393 Dyce
394 Aberdeen
395 Grace Dellalian Meyer – Switzerland
396 Christopher Dellalian
397. Asia Dadan, USA
398. Robert Kaskel, USA
399. Evelyn Reich, USA
400. Laurence Johnston, USA
401. Marianne Thorvaldsen, USA
402. Ann Shaw, USA
403. Beth Gray, USA
404. M. “Kelly” – Los Angeles,CA – USA – Plz stop this slaughter. It is Outrageous & barbaric. You are killing one of the smartest mammals on earth.
405. Sherri Walton-Kelly USA
406 Bernie Schulze USA
407 Lillian Bernal Ruiz, Los Angeles, CA-USA
409 Monica Flores, Los Angeles, CA-USA
410 Brenda Schueler, Montesano, WA – USA
411 Missy Snell Lake Stevens WA USA Earth COWARDLY “men”. Shameful. WHAT CENTURY IS THIS??!!

March 7, 2010

Wrapping up the Stimulus Extravaganza with SPLURGE WEEK!

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March 3, 2010

I Switched! Glad I did, too!

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March 1, 2010

Hobby Week! Stimulus Extravaganza Continues!

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February 21, 2010

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February 15, 2010

Interesting little blurb

I got published! My letter to the editor at Reader’s Digest Feb 2010 edition.

February 14, 2010

Week 3 begins! Personal Week at OLA!

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Week 3 begins today with “Personal Week” !

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